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    Program Management Vs Project Management

    Program managers manage a number of projects, while project managers manage projects. Even though program management is an advanced level of project management, there are few major differences between the two as well. Definitions of Project Management and Program Management Project: A project could be simply described as a set of particular activities carried out in […]

    State of AI in 2021

    As the adoption of Artificial Intelligence continues to skyrocket, how are organizations working to control risk and stay on top of their competitors? Our 3rd annual survey demonstrates how the thinking of leaders is changing as applications become pervasive all across the company. The Massive Edge of AI Adoption Competitive Advantage Might Be Challenging to […]

    What to Choose and when? Ansible vs. Terraform vs. Puppet

    In the world of DevOps, various companies are building and implementing processes using IAC (Infrastructure as Code). Puppet, Terraform, and Ansible enables businesses to scale and develop repeatable configurations that enforce procedures to ensure correct outcomes constantly. All of these platforms are highly advanced for deploying replicable and repetitive applications that have complicated requirements. Over […]